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If you have questions about getting your pet spayed or neutered, feel free to read our FAQ handout concerning this topic!

If you would like more information about a particular veterinary issue, you can find quality information at the sites listed below:

Veterinary Partner


American Veterinary Medical Association

ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) 

AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association)

Cesar's Way (Cesar Millan's website offering behavior tips)

Diagnostic Services

We try to keep up on the latest technological advances in our field in order to offer the best quality of service possible. Our most common procedures include spaying, neutering, and dental cleanings. 

Several of our diagnostic tools are shown in the slideshow to the right:

Specific Tests Available:

Individual Tests:

-Snap tests

   -​Heartworm test


   -Parvo virus test

-Flow Cytometry

   -FeLV/FIV test

   -Pregnancy Test

   -Giardia test

-Fecal flotation test

-Brucellosis test

-DTM culture (Ringworm)


-Complete Blood Count

-Chemistry (pre-operative and full available)

-Thyroid levels


-Dip Stick

-Urine Sediment Check

​- Sediview analysis

Diagnostic Imaging:

-Digital Radiography (X-rays)

-Ultrasonography (Sonogram)



-Fine Needle Aspirate samples

-Ear swab cytologies

-Fluid Analyses


-Impression Smears