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Annual vaccines can help keep your pet from getting infected with certain viruses that can threaten their health. It also allows a veterinarian to examine them for any potential issues that you may not notice at home like ear infections, masses and other abnormalities. 

At St. Francisville Animal Hospital, our core vaccine series for dogs includes: 

DPC combination (including Lepto)

We also carry the rattlesnake vaccine and *Influenza (for more details on this vaccine, click here)

            *Flu vaccine not required for boarding, grooming, or baths

For more information about these vaccinations, please check out our informational handout.

Our core vaccine series for cats includes:

          *FeLV vaccine not required for boarding, grooming, or baths.
For more information about feline vaccinations, click here.

Fecal and heartworm testing is also included with the annual visit. Heartworms are a serious threat to your pup, to read more click here or visit the American Heartworm Society website.

Please be informed that we do accept all credit cards, Care Credit, and most pet insurances. We highly recommend looking into pet insurance for your fur babies to make sure that unexpected accidents or emergency situations can be handled when they occur without having to worry about finances. Some common insurance companies are listed below:

Our goal is to help your pet have a healthy and happy life. Here is some basic information for a few of the routine questions we get asked here:

How to Choose a Quality Food
Weight Management
Spaying and Neutering
 Common Pet Supplements
​Dental Disease

Fecal tests check for other parasites that live in the gastrointestinal system. To learn more, click here.

Canine and Feline Wellness

The Exam Room


Although we primarily see dogs and cats, we take appointments for exotic
pets as well including but not limited to: Domestic birds, rabbits, small rodents, various reptiles, and tortoises!

We offer beak, wing and nail trims for birds, neuters for bunnies, vaccines for ferrets and many other health services. In the case that your exotic animal is extremely ill, we recommend going to an exotic specialist who can offer critical care for your sick pet (we do not have the equipment necessary for an exotic ICU.)

If necessary, please contact the hospitals listed below for exotic critical care:

LSU Exotics Department

All Pets Hospital

Staring Plaza Veterinary Center