The Clinic

As a clinic, we routinely have animals visit for their annual appointments during which we give vaccinations, preform screening tests, and give the patients a thorough physical exam. During these appointments, we can also trim your pet's nails, empty their anal glands, pluck ear hairs and give sanitary shaves when needed. Click below for more about Canine and Feline Wellness.

Another aspect of the clinic involves diagnosing common conditions such as ear, skin, urinary tract, and dental infections. During diagnoses, we attempt to make sure your pet remains as comfortable as possible and often will give the first treatment free of charge (this can include giving medication, cleaning the ears, etc.). Click the link for more information about our diagnostic capabilites.


To help keep our patients both healthy and clean, we also offer professional grooming services. For additional information on these services, click here.

St. Francisville  Animal Hospital is a fully functional hospital equipped with our own exam rooms, diagnostic lab, Intensive Care Unit, treatment area, surgery suite, and recovery area. In addition to the hospital, we also have a boarding facility and grooming room available for the convenience of our clients. To the right is a picture of part of our lobby in the Spring. We try to keep it clean and welcoming for our more timid patients!


For your convenience, we keep a variety of essential pet products available for purchase at all times. We carry Hill's brand (Science Diet and numerous prescription diets) food in wet and dry formulas. We also have a variety of treats, shampoos, ear cleansers, milk replacers, various supplements, Feliway diffusers and more! If we do not have what you are looking for, we would be happy to order it for you.



As a perk for our clients, we have a clean and comfortable boarding facility. Click the following for more information on boarding your pet. 


In order to keep our hospital fully functional, we keep our pharmacy stocked with medications to help your pet when they feel sick. We try to stay very competitive with our prices; however, if we don't carry what you need or you would like to purchase the medications we recommend elsewhere we are happy to write a prescription for your pet (which are acceptable at most pharmacies like Walmart, CVS, Elliot's, etc.). 

The Hospital

As a hospital, we are able to treat and monitor critically ill patients that require supportive care or medical treatment. We also preform numerous surgical procedures including but not limited to:

  • Spays and Neuters
    • C-sections and cryptorchid surgeries as well
  • Abdominal Surgeries
    • Foreign body removal, Splenectomies, GDVs, Hernia Repairs, Pyometras (infected uterus removal)
  • Mass removals
    • Dermal masses, Subcutaneous, Mastectomies (mammary gland removal)
  • Dental cleanings and extractions
  • Laceration Repairs
  • Urinary procedures
    • Cystotomy (urinary stone removal), Catheterization (for blocked cats)
  • Orthopedic Surgeries
    • Patellar luxation repair (kneecap surgery), Cruciate repair, FHO (femoral head ostectomy), Amputations
  • Ophthalmological Surgeries
    • Enucleation (removal of eye), Entropion repair (drooping eyelid repair), Proptosis (placing eye back in socket)

We are able keep animals comfortable post-operatively in our recovery area where we can monitor their progress and ensure they are not in pain. 

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